Through the Door: Her Story

Through the Door: Her Story

The following is based on true events, although dramatized for the purpose of this erotica. This following events were done with real hypnosis and full consent from all involved.

Although you can read them in any order, I’d advise reading “His Story” before “Her Story”. Enjoy!

Click here to read “Part 1: His Story”.

“I’m in the taxi” I text him as requested. I had no idea what he had planned for tonight but I was nervous. He told me not to be but it wasn’t that easy. We met on Tinder a couple of weeks ago and we’ve had fun chatting, but I don’t normally meet people this quickly. I was curious about the hypnosis, so we tried it over skype, but it didn’t work.

I looked down at my phone. “Good Girl” the text said. I love being called that. The rush of pleasure was so intense and I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. I hope the taxi driver can’t see my face.

“Remember… The moment you walk through my door, you’ll belong to me.” Continued the text. Without thinking I automatically typed out “Yes, Sir”. “Why did I send that?” I briefly thought, before my thoughts strayed elsewhere.

Why was so nervous? We’re just meeting for dinner. But I couldn’t stop squirming in my seat. Nervous, but excited. I didn’t know exactly where we were going but I trusted the taxi driver to get me there. I had seen it on the map and see a picture of the house so I knew when I got there. I got out and looked around. This was it. As I approached the door I felt tingly… Apprehensive maybe?

I opened the door…

I don’t know what happened. The moment I stepped through the door my mind went fuzzy. I looked up the stairs and saw him stood there. Naked. Powerful. With his hard cock out…

I wanted it. I needed it. I had to have it. I wanted it. I needed it. I had to have it. I wanted it. I needed it. I had to have it.

I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth ready. I wanted it. I needed it. I had to have it. All I could think about was how badly I needed to have his cock inside me. I was so turned on.

I barely even noticed him running down the stairs towards me, but suddenly his cock was in front of me. I didn’t hesitate and begun sucking on it. Licking it. Playing with it. It tasted so good. Feeling it throb and pulse in my mouth. It just felt so right.

I was lost in the moment… I barely noticed him shutting the door I left open. I felt his hand on my cheek. I looked up at him. I just wanted to please him. He had to know I wanted to please him.

Before I could say anything though he gripped my throat and picked me up. I felt so weak. I loved it. It just felt so right. He kissed me, then whispered something in my ear… It felt important but I wasn’t thinking… I automatically nodded though.

I just had to please the cock in front of me. I couldn’t leave it alone. His hand was around my throat still but I needed to play with his cock. I needed to make him happy. I couldn’t think of anything other than his hard cock.

Good girl” I heard and I melted. I could feel how wet I was and he knew it. I felt his hand between my legs.

“Who do you belong to?” he asked.
“You, Sir” I automatically replied. I didn’t think about it. Just said it. It just felt right.
“Good Girl” I heard, and immediately melted again. I couldn’t help but let out a moan. I love when he says that.

He said something and started walking away. I went to follow him but as he turned back, my feet froze in place.

“Did I tell you to move?”
“No what?”
“No, Sir”
“Good girl”

Every time he says it… it just feels so good… I look up at him, sitting on a step above me. My eyed kept darting back to his cock. I was so desperate for it, I wanted it. I needed it. I had to have it.

“Now strip for me”, he said. A voice in the back of my mind woke up at this point. Part of me questioned why I should so soon, but my hands were already at work. I removed my top, I removed my shorts… I felt odd but it felt right as well. I glanced back up at his cock and remembered what this was all for. I wanted it. I needed it. I had to have it.

And there I was, in just my underwear, in front of this man I met on tinder. I walked into his house and obeyed. Maybe I did belong to him? I felt so weak. So small.

“And the rest” he said, smirking down at me. He was loving having this power over me. Part of me wanted to fight him, not let it have everything he wanted. But my hands were already removing the last of my clothes. I felt so vulnerable, but still so eager to please him. So eager to have his cock.

He was suddenly back in front of me, his fingers inside me. I couldn’t think straight…

“Does someone want my cock inside them?”
“Please, Sir”
“Please what?”
“Please fuck me”

The replies just felt so natural. I did want him to fuck me. Coming here I wouldn’t have thought it, but I was desperate for him to fuck me now.

He grabbed my throat again. Looked me in the eyes and said 2 simple words. “CUM NOW”.

My body exploded. This pent up lust just flowed through me as a came. I squirted! I’d never squirted before! The pleasure was in every cell of my body. It was amazing. I loved being his. I loved him having this control over me. My body felt weak, my legs were trembling, but I was so turned on. I had never felt so free.

“Good girl, now get up to the bedroom and present yourself ready to be fucked.” he said. I was so eager to please. So excited to finally be fucked by him. I ran upstairs, straight into the bedroom, laid on the bed and spread my legs ready for him to use me as his property that I am. It felt so right.


Click here to read “Part 1: His Story”.


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