Taking his wife away: A Hypnotic Cuckolding

Taking his wife away: A Hypnotic Cuckolding

The following is a true story. The couple involved have consented to this write up but have chosen to remain anonymous. For this story they shall be called John and Jane.

About a year ago I was contacted on Reddit by a couple. John had this fantasy of his wife being enamoured with someone else in front of his eyes. Once he had come across my profile, he couldn’t get the idea of me hypnotising Jane out of his head.

He got in touch and asked if I could do this. My answer was the same as I’ve given to many people who have asked a similar question:

In theory, yes! … but NOT WITHOUT CONSENT. Doing anything to her without her knowing is not just immoral, but essentially rape.

I said to discuss the fantasy with his wife and if she was up for it, we could then make plans. Now I say this to a lot of people and never hear back from them, but to my surprise, a week later I get a message from John saying they had spoken and wish to discuss it with us all together!

We arranged a Skype call and talked through the idea. She was really curious about the hypnosis and was happy to indulge his cuckolding interests. They had discussed cuckolding before but had never done anything more than sending some naughty pictures to someone on tinder and showing off on omegle.

John really like the idea of watching her fall in love with me and not being able to do anything about it. Jane was very interested on taking the plunge and sleeping with someone else but was very nervous and didn’t know how to go about it. I said how I can help with the confidence and give her to push she needed if that’s what she wanted.

We spoke 3 more times over the next few days to discuss ideas and make a plan, before finally, the night happened. Everything that happens from here was pre-consented to.

We arranged to meet at a pub near to their house. I got there first, made myself comfortable in a booth in the back corner, I took out my little pocket spirals (pics on my profile), and waited. I recognised them the moment they walked though the door and boy did Jane look stunning! She had gone all out on hair and makeup and had bought a brand new low cut, short red dress for the night.

They came over, Jane sitting opposite me while John went and bought drinks. She was clearly nervous and kept glancing at my spirals. We exchanged pleasantries and a few flirty glances as we waited for John to come back. We all chatted a bit about our day and how they were both nervous but excited to see what the night held in store.

I suggested we start with something small to break the ice a bit. A rapid induction with my spirals and Jane was out like a light! I had done some suggestibility tests and a lot of pre-talk with them in the run up but she responded better than expected. I started with some simple suggestions that she felt more confident and helped the nerves ebb away. We then chatted a bit more before I dropped her again. This time I started with the real suggestions.

From this point on, as the evening progresses you will pay John less and less attention and find yourself more and more just wanting to talk to me. You’ll start ignoring him or brushing him off as you have more and more fun flirting with me.

The effect was instantaneous. John asked how she felt to which she simply responded with an “mmmhmmm” before she turned her attention to me asking if I work out and started stroking my hand. John went to get more drinks at which point Jane came around to my side of the table.

She started stroking my leg and getting close to me as we chatted and flirted. She didn’t even glance away when John came back but I could see the excitement on his face.

Jane turned to John and quite bluntly said “go get me a napkin” and turned back to me. The moment he left we kissed and I could see the devilish spark in her eye. She didn’t need a napkin, just wanted him gone.

We he came back I dropped her again. I reconfirmed with her subconscious that she was happy with how it was going and was happy to continue. I gave her confidence a final push, made sure her safe words were known, able to break through when needed, doubled the lust she was feeling and made her forget completely she had come with her husband (Again, all pre-discussed before the meet). I check with John if he was also happy. “OMG yes” was the response.

I woke her back up, we stood up, she took my hand and led me out of the pub. We walked down the road hand in hand, John following on up behind. We reached theirs and went inside, went up to the bedroom… I’ll leave most of the details here for your imagination…

…John stood in the bedroom doorway watching. Jane lost in the moment having the time of her life, John not even being a thought that crossed her mind…

…Once all was done, I dropped Jane back down. I brought back all her memories of John and gave her the suggestion that she was able to sit there and discuss things. We all talked for a while about the evening, saying how we felt, what it was like forgetting her husband and what it was like for John seeing Jane under my spell.

By the time we were done it was about 2am. I got a taxi home and went straight to sleep. I received a text from John the next day saying:

Thank you for last night. It was better than either of us imagined. Jane wants to thank you for making sure she felt safe and looking after her the whole time. I think the whole night was so hot so just thank you!


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