Abused by a Professional [Success Story] – A CNC/Hypnosis True Story

Abused by a Professional [Success Story] – A CNC/Hypnosis True Story

TRIGGER WARNING: This true story covers themes of rape, abuse of power and memory loss through a consensual non-consent scenario done with hypnosis. It also contains commonly used hypnosis trigger words.

The following is a true story. The lady involved has consented to this write up but has chosen to remain anonymous. For this story she shall be called Rebecca.

I’ve posted several times, both on Fetlife and Reddit, looking for a play partner for a certain fantasy I’ve had for a while. Finally I’ve managed to bring it to fruition!

The gist of the fantasy: We meet up under the guise of a professional session. But while under trance I compel you to strip and then use you...

Rebecca had reached out to me several months ago, but at the time was in a monogamous relationship. After a bit of talk, we decided that then was not the right time for her to explore this fantasy with me. But to my surprise, about 4 weeks ago, she got back in touch! Recently single and wanting to enjoy herself, she said she hadn’t been able to get my fantasy out of her mind.

We got talking some more and quickly moved to a video call where clearly there was an attraction between us. We chatted, we flirted, we teased and it wasn’t long before she was asking to try hypnosis (which I was more than happy to oblige.

We discussed limits, set expectations and then had some fun. Soon her clothes were on the floor with no memory of it, bouncing her tits on camera for me while calling me Master and enjoying climax after climax after climax, all on command.

We definitely had a lot of fun… But onto the main part of the story!

I take safety very serious with any kind of amorous play, whether that’s a long timer partner, regular FWB, or a one time thing. CNC can be intense at the best of times, but using hypnosis can often be overwhelming. The level of trust needs to be absolute and the aftercare needs to be spot on. I need to be able understand my partner and cater to them if anything goes wrong, and they need to be able to trust me to look after them.

We spent the next couple of weeks getting to know each other, discussing what will actually happen on the day and then laying the groundwork with hypnosis. I got to know her and her subconscious, embed safety triggers to help protect her from harm and started layering in other suggestions ready for when we meet.

I must stress: everything from here on out was extensively discussed and pre-consented to.

The day came. We had arranged to meet at her place which was just over an hour on the train away. We had our final video chat that morning which I spent reaffirming her safeties, and then making her consciously forget the last 3 weeks. As far as she was concerned, she had an appointment with a professional hypnotherapist for 3pm to help her with motivation to eat heathier and go to the gym.

When I arrived, It was clear by the look on her face, she had no idea what was really going to happen. There was no excited glint in the eye, no mischievous should we go straight to the bedroom look… it was purely professional. She invited me in, offered me a drink and we sat in the lounge. Conversation quickly turned to how hypnosis worked, and what to expect in this (professional) session. I dropped in a couple of trigger words to help continue the illusion and all went well.

After a short while, the session began. She laid on her sofa, as I put her into a nice, relaxing trance. I started small. Once under, I had her feel safe and secure in my “professional” presence, and had her not even notice the touch of my hand on hers. Reaffirming she wouldn’t notice touch, but also reminding that anything she does feel would feel perfectly natural, I moved to stroking the side of her face… Looking at how peaceful and relaxed she was.

When I was sure she wasn’t noticing my touch, my hands started exploring the rest of her body… I slowly unbuttoned the cardigan she had on and started playing with her tits… gently at first, but increasingly roughly to see how she’d react. Nothing on her face, but her nipples were quick responding to my touch. I lifted up her t-shirt revealing a stunning black and red front clasp bra, which I wasted no time in undoing.

While sat next to her, slowly teasing her nipples, I started giving the suggestion how comfortable she felt naked, how natural it felt and how she wouldn’t even notice it. I suggested she remove her clothes when she next awakens, but will not be aware she is doing so. She will wake, remove her clothes and just be comfortable talking to me.

I moved back to the chair nearby, tried to hide how hard I had become, then woke her up. She had become accustomed to stripping unaware in our practise sessions, to this next bit came easily to her. As she woke, I started asking her how she felt. And while she was telling me, her hands immediately got to work. Removing her half revealed clothes and putting them onto the floor next to her without a hint of recognition of what she was doing on her face.

As the conversation flowed and she finished removing everything on the top half… “STATUE” …instantly her body was locked in place, mind completely empty. I had used this trigger many times before but was so much fun to use it in person. I went over to her + playing with her body once again. I just loved seeing her this helpless.

I sat back down, unfroze her, and then put her back into trance. I then gave the suggestions that sucking on things will help motivate her. She would feel to urge to suck on anything put in front of her to keep her motivated and to demonstrate, she can feel as if there was a lollipop in her mouth now to suck on. At that moment, I place my hand by her mouth and she started sucking on her fingers.

Feeling myself get hard again, I did the obvious thing… I took out my cock, emphasized that everything she sucks on will taste amazing, and put my cock in front of her mouth. Instantly she began to suck on it. I kept reminding her that this was entirely normal as she sucked more and more enthusiastically. Watching her suck my cock blissfully unaware was so hot, it was taking all my effort not to blow my load too quickly!

After a few minutes, I took my seat again, instructed her to finish removing her clothes when she awakens next, and also not to notice my cock was out and that I was playing with it. When she awoke, she did exactly that. She unbuttoned her jeans and started removing them, revealing matching red and black underwear, which she too removed. We talked some more while I stroked my cock watching her. “DISPLAY YOURSELF” I said to her, and she immediately began to pose. Still blissfully unaware.

After several poses, I put her under one more time. As she laid on her sofa completely naked, I started to stroke her body again, this time heading towards her pussy. It was already soaking wet, so despite not consciously displaying she was aware of the situation, subconsciously she was clearly enjoying herself. I started stroking her clit while reminding her how normal everything was, how safe she felt and this would all help her reach her goals.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I started spreading her legs, got myself in-between them, and started fucking her. I had already given the suggestions that the moment my cock is inside her, she would feel orgasmic, and I could tell that worked very quickly. She started moaning and writhing in pleasure as I fucked her… “CUM NOW” I said and again, instantly she tensed as the pleasure rocked through her body. The moans got louder as I continued fucking her moving my fingers towards her mouth again and she began sucking.

After fucking for a while (and several more orgasms on her part) I was finally ready to finish. I pulled out and came over her tits. As previously agreed, I left her in trance while I got myself dressed, gathered my things and prepared to leave. I left her with the suggestion that once she hears the door close, she’ll wake up with no memory of the last hour. And with that, I left. She woke up exhausted, with the taste of my cock in her mouth, cum over her tits and no memory of what had happened, just as promised. In her eyes, she had been abused by a professional.

I had given the suggestions that she’d have no memory of what had happened, but these memories would return a few hours later. We had a good chat later that evening about it and have plans to do something similar in the near future.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this! Please get in touch if you’d like to experience something similar with me yourself! Feel free to ask any questions!


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