Cunningham Jones

Professional hypnotist and filmmaker

Hypnosis has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I stumbled into the online hypnosis community by chance just before starting university (where I studied film production) and I just couldn’t escape it! From a lecturer who was also a part time hypnotherapist, to being hired to film a stage hypnosis show, the signs that it needed to be part of life were always there. I’ve been doing hypnosis for years as “Master Cunningham”, and in 2019 started Hypnosis By Cunningham, focusing purely on adult recreational hypnosis and hypnotherapy. 2020 saw a dramatic boom in business and as of 2021, I’m now expanding into  wide range of exciting new things! Live videos, an exciting new podcast and still contining to provide my professional services.

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I was reccomended to Cunningham after previous abuse. I had lost all confidence in my self it was affecting my sex life. Cunningham helped fix that and allowed me to experience things I never though possible!



Cunningham is confident, friendly and great at getting a couple relaxed. He was respectful and knew just what to say to put us at ease. We had a lot of fun (as well as multiple orgasms) … definitely an experience we won’t forget.


Couple – Recreational Hypnosis

Wow. Just wow. Want to say thanks again for last night. I’m still reeling. Can’t believe it was all over a video call yet my pussy aches as if I was fucked. Best orgasm of my life, hands down. How many times did you make me cum? I think I lost count at 30… please please please can we play again soon?


Recreational Hypnosis

First time for everything, and I left that session more wet then I have been in months


Recreational Hypnosis