A Hypnotic CNC Adventure

A Hypnotic CNC Adventure

TRIGGER WARNING: This true story covers themes of rape, kidnapping, fear and torture, all done through hypnosis (aided by some toys).

Some background! Near the start of the year, I matched a woman on tinder who I hit it off with straight away. Now I mention on my profile I’m a hypnotist, but I don’t mention erotic hypnosis….

After other chat of pets and dad jokes, she says to me:

“So hypnotism. I’ve only ever experienced ‘erotic hypnotism’ and I’m guessing that’s not what you specialise in.”

Boy was she wrong…

We quickly establish we’re both on Fetlife, follow each other, talk about our kinks and it’s not long before we arrange to meet for drinks. We swap numbers, meet up a few days later and that was to be the first meet of many.

Quickly she proved to be a great hypnosis subject, responding well to my suggestions and we had a lot of fun together. I told her about some of the other things I’ve done and she perked up at my stories of CNC (consensual non-consent for those not aware, or rape play).

We’ve met several times since that first night and she often asked if we can do some hypno rape-play soon…

Now I’m reluctant to engage in CNC with new partners using hypnosis. CNC can be intense at the best of times, but using hypnosis can often be overwhelming. The level of trust needs to be absolute and the aftercare needs to be spot on.

Soon the time came…

While in the midst of other hypnoplay, I dropped her deep, reassured her subconscious deep down she was safe and proceeded to strap her to the bed. With both arms and legs firmly tied to the corners, I secured a wand to her inner thigh. Collar on, nipple clamps in place, blindfold blocking out everything around her, we were nearly ready to begin.

It started simple and just like any other hypnosis play we had done before. I walked around the bed teasing her… Made her cum on command a few times, made the wand feel twice as powerful when set on low, enhanced how stuck in place and helpless she felt and then…

I knelt down next to her, took her head in my hands, and started whispering in her ear. I took her deep and in this moment realised one of the small reasons I love hypnosis. After non-stop cumming and the wand still pressed against her clit, she went so still and relaxed upon hearing her trigger. Barely even aware of her surroundings.

This is where we get to the meat of the story. I reassured her subconscious again she was safe before taking away any sense of where she is, why she’s tied up, who I am and any sense of what’s going on. I firmly secured the safewords in her subconscious, able to break through the play no matter what if need be. Reaffirmed that I am there with her and she’s safe and got back to removing all awareness of what’s going on.

When I woke her up, the confusion on her face was evident. She started tugging at the restraints to no avail. The feeling of the wand had clearly returned as she was wiggling and squirming while trying to escape. I walked around the bed some more, teasing, enhancing the fear. The more she struggled, the more the fear would grow. The more the fear would grow, the more aroused she’d feel. The more aroused she’d feel, the more humiliated she’d be and the more she’d struggle to get away. I kept looping this while tormenting with her orgasm trigger.

I kept building that fear inside her, reminding her she has no idea where she is, what’s going on and she struggled and pulled to get away. The tears starting forming…

We had been doing this for about 10 minutes before I knelt back down next to her and dropped her and spoke to her subconscious. I asked for a simple nod or shake of the head to ask if she was okay, and another for if she was ready to step it up a notch. It was a yes to both.

I brought her back up and upped the fear. Reminding her how scared she was, then without warning, started rolling a wartenberg pinwheel around her body. Soon the studded paddle join us as I slapped her tits about.

I held the paddle against the side of her face and said “This next tap will feel 10x as hard”. SLAP… the tinniest tap on her face made her whole head slam to one side as if I had truly slapped her. (We didn’t want any marks left). SLAP, tiny tap again but she felt it as if I had hit her with full force.

Brought the pinwheel out again. Made it feel as if a knife was being sliced around her body. Watching her wince and writhe was incredible. Listening to her whimper, yelp and scream it’s a wonder the neighbours didn’t call the police.

Several orgasms and tears later, it was time to end the scenario. I switched the wand off, knelt down next to her and started whispering to her. Dropping her back down and starting to bring her back to reality. Removing the wand attached to her, detaching the straps on her wrists and ankles, she was free again… and this is where she truly broke down in tears.

I took her in my arms, held her and told her.

“You’re safe. You’re being looked after. It wasn’t real.”

I got her to take some deep breaths and kept repeating it to her. I got her to say it with me.

“I’m safe. I’m being looked after. It wasn’t real.”

We kept repeating it as I held her. Feeling her tremble as the fear subsided. Reality returning, Her first experience of hypnotic CNC was just as intense as I had described. We sat for a long time cuddled up discussing it. How she felt, what she liked and disliked… Often repeating those 3 phrases to help keep calm.

“I’m safe. I’m being looked after. It wasn’t real.”


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